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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eggstreme Egg-N-the-Nest!

 This week in "we will, we will, Cook Food!" we are taking a twist on a classic favorite the egg in the nest. We will start now.
 First take some bread, and cut a hole in the middle, I used a measuring glass thingy, I used to use an egg shaped cookie cutter and that is now not where I can find it.
 See a hole, now detatched.
I always wipe on some margarine, I don't know if you need it or not but I do do it.
 Now here comes the twist, Sausage! I am sure you could add anything that you might in an omelet.
 Put the bread in a heated skillet, then add some sausage crumbles.

Then crack an egg where the hole had been, over the sausage is the place.

Now let cook until the egg is about half cooked, you will want to flip and let finish cooking, ain't she pretty. This has become a regular at our house, in fact we had purchased the Sausage crumbles for something else and they were left over and that is how I thought to put them in the nest, Try It.

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